Never lose your documents, music, videos or photos again

Our Online Backup solution is ideal for all types of businesses as well as personal users, offering a range of benefits over traditional methods of backing up your computer systems:

Your data is fully encrypted via online-banking standard encryption algorithms before it is transmitted over the Internet. Neither CTC-Aspire (UK) nor Redstor have access to the encryption key or the unencrypted data, which means your information is totally secure

Your backed-up data is mirrored to two UK-based data centres (in Reading and Slough), minimising the risk that the information might be lost – in practical terms removing the risk altogether.

Online Backup eradicates the need for “off-site” backups – removing any risk associated with storing these backups in unsecure, non-protected locations. All backups are “incremental” with the month-end data “rolled up” to provide a snapshot of all the files which have been added or modified during that period.

Reduces the need for on-site visits – backups can be configured remotely, as can the hardware/software on the network.

All of the above reduces the costs of maintaining your IT systems, at the same time as protecting your investment in hardware, software and data.

Additionally, you can restore data from any location in the world via a secure Internet connection if, for example, you lose your laptop while on a business trip and need to access important documents remotely.

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